What Is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy, also known as “proliferation therapy” or “regenerative injection therapy,” is a nonsurgical in-office treatment to stimulate your body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair injured and painful musculoskeletal tissue.

What does prolotherapy work for? The wide range of conditions includes:

sports injuries

arthritis & osteoarthritis


carpal tunnel syndrome

degenerative joint disease

Dextrose Injection:

This is a painless 20-30 minute procedure in which concentrated dextrose (sugar water) is injected directly into the site of pain, stimulating a mild, temporary inflammation. This tricks the body into thinking that a new injury has occurred, thus inducing the growth of new cells in areas that generally have poor healing, like ligaments and tendons. The end result is a reduction or elimination of pain, which takes approximately 6-10 weeks to fully appreciate.