Orthopedic Treatment

Knee Braces and Splints

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A good fitting and properly prescribed brace, or splint, can be very beneficial for the nonsurgical treatment of various orthopedic problems. Knee braces are classified in a category of medical products called Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Some DME products, like knee braces and various splints, help provide long lasting support and rehabilitation for medical conditions when you are out of the doctor’s office. At Wake Sports Medicine in Raleigh, NC we will evaluate whether you might benefit from wearing a brace or splint to reduce your pain and improve your symptoms.

Types of Braces and DME Equipment

We carry a variety of braces in our clinic, and we specialize in making sure that you find something that relieves your symptoms, and fits your lifestyle. Some of the braces and other DME equipment we carry are:

Knee Unloaders

Knee Supports

Hinged Knee Braces

Ankle Supports

Walking Cast Boots

Fitting for knee braces and other rehabilitation equipment can be a challenge. At Wake Sports Medicine, we have our skilled team ready to properly fit you for the correct piece of equipment. It is important to make sure that the equipment is not only the right fit, but that it is also designed to fulfill the intended use of the patient. Ill-fitting or the wrong equipment could cause injury and the medical condition to worsen.

 How does a brace help relieve joint pain?

Joint pain is caused by a variety of factors, and often times arthritis is involved.  When you have arthritis there is a great deal of friction within the joint, and this in turn causes inflammation and pain.  When you use a brace you can sometimes stabilize the area of pain, and reduce the joint pain.

Wake Sports Medicine carries some very high tech braces that are also called unloading braces for the knee in particular.  An unloader brace will actually change the forces in the knee to alleviate knee joint pain.  This is a great option for patients that have specific knee arthritis but want to stay active.

 Can a brace help avoid knee surgery?

In many cases, a good brace coupled with a viscosupplementation injection will give the patient long lasting pain relief, and sometimes help them delay or avoid a knee replacement. For more information about braces and how they can help, contact us at our Raleigh, NC office.