What is Sports Medicine?

What is Sports Medicine, and is it for me ?

I sometimes will have patients asking what “Sports Medicine” is, and if they should see a Sports Medicine Physician.

Here is the short answer:  A sports medicine physician focuses on keeping a patient active , and healthy by addressing both acute and chronic problems that the patient might be having.  As a primary care Sports Medicine physician I focus on both the orthopedic concerns of the patient while also keeping in mind that the patient’s medical history , and psychological state of being might have impact on that patient as a whole.

At Wake Sports Medicine, located in Raleigh NC ,  we see both young and old patients who have sports injuries , arthritis , tendonitis, and even patients that develop joint pain while sitting at their desk at work.

My job as a physician that focuses on nonsurgical orthopedics, is to try every possible treatment that is available if a patient is not currently wanting a surgery.  At the point that surgery may be needed we have strong relationships with exceptional surgeons that we will refer our patients to when the time comes.

Wake Sports Medicine is located at 3100 Blue Ridge Rd, next to Rex Hospital in Raleigh NC.

Call us for an appointment at 919 719 2270

Dr Matthew Kanaan

Dr. Matthew G. Kanaan

Dr. Kanaan is a sports medicine physician /specialist who received his medical residency training at Duke Medical Center. During his fellowship training at Duke Sports Medicine, Dr. Kanaan received special instruction in Musculoskelatal Ultrasound – a unique, state-of-the-art technology in the orthopedic field. While completing training in Primary Care Sports Medicine, Dr. Kanaan served as an assistant team physician for Duke Football, Basketball, and Lacrosse, as well as assisting with Elon University Football. Dr. Kanaan is an avid researcher, publishing many research projects to advance the field of sports medicine.